7 Tips of Decor for Kitchen Integrated to the Room

7 Tips of Decor for Kitchen Integrated to the Room

The integration between the kitchen and the living room has become an absolute hit in the interior architecture. The concept has everything to do with the contemporary way of living, in which the family seeks interaction in the moments in which it is at home since they have become rarer.

While the father cooks, the mother works in the home office and the children play in the living room. This connection is super versatile, allowing environments to be used in new ways, the kitchen can become part of the living room or balcony, for example. A real salvation in a smaller real estate, which gain breadth. However, the open kitchen calls for an upgrade in the décor. Check out 7 tips to raze in your integrated kitchen!


The décor is even more capricious if the idea is to not only leave the kitchen open to the living room but merge the two environments – as here, where the luxury dining table is literally inside the kitchen. In addition to the harmony of colors and style, a great design element connecting the two spaces is a great idea. The gray, white and yellow modules of the Atrium Line, our collection designed for the kitchen, are continued by the wide wooden shelf, giving a more upscale air to the space.


kitchen and living room decoration

Integration does not prevent the spaces to be well resolved and delimited. This can be achieved in a variety of ways: with a leaky bookcase dividing the rooms, a striking rug, differentiated floors, etc. Here, the stylized pergola forms an “L” on a side wall and ceiling, reinforcing the gourmet area.



Since the built-in environments have few walls, remember that furniture should excel at good design from all angles. If the kitchen has a bench with seating or the dining room itself is a continuation of it, the chairs will always be with their backs to whoever is in the living room. Thus, beautiful backrests like those of the chair Apuí, of braided fibers, are the ideal request. A drop!


Being close to the kitchen, the large workbench receives not only chairs but puffs, making time to receive friends much more practical. Better yet if it’s a caster model, it can be dragged back and forth, reconfiguring the conversations according to the flow of the chat.


When joining these spaces, stay tuned to the kitchen mess. Niches, shelves, and open furniture are great for displaying the most beautiful appliances, groceries in glass jars, recipe books and bottles, but everything should be flawless. Closed modules are essential to save what does not need to appear.


lighting deco

Are your kitchen and living room small? Opt for a leaky closure, like this countertop with wooden rulers. Allowing the look to “cross” this barrier leaves the environment lighter.

Restricting the closed modules to the bottom, leaving only niches in the top, also helps not to weigh visually, nor to “choke” smaller environments.


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