Bathroom Curtain: Tips and How to Make the Choice for the Window

Bathroom Curtain: Tips and How to Make the Choice for the Window

Learn the main tips for choosing the curtain for the bathroom window.

One of the ways to make a bathroom more elegant and attractive is through the decoration – it can leave the place with the face and style of the residents, whether through the crockery, tiles, cabinets and other features. One of the items that usually receives little attention is the curtain – today we will talk about the curtains for the window (not for the box or bathtub).

How to choose a curtain for the bathroom window?

In the bathroom, curtains on the windows are responsible for reducing internal visibility, reducing the incidence of natural light and acting as a decorative item in the environment.


The window location will directly inflate the material that can be applied to the curtain, if the bathroom window is located in the stall, the curtain needs to be made of a moisture resistant material such as plastic or PVC. This positioning limits but does not make it impossible to use them.

Less resistant materials can be used in other windows elsewhere in the bathroom, with less contact with moisture – the variety of models that fit this situation is much greater.

Choosing the template

The first step is to choose which type of curtain suits you best and adapts to your situation – retractable models, such as blinds and roller blinds, are practical and easy to use on a day to day basis. There are also more traditional models of curtains supported on the man, among others.

Light colors are favored in choosing curtains, as well as lightweight fabrics and materials that allow the passage of light.

In most cases, the ready solutions do not fit the size of the windows – the ideal is, therefore, to consult a professional in the installation of curtains and blinds.

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