Decorating Small Bedrooms: 8 Must Do Tips

Decorating Small Bedrooms: 8 Must Do Tips

In recent times, houses and apartments are getting smaller and smaller. And of course, this often hinders the lives of those who want to take care of the home decor. Often the lack of space causes a great deal of dismay in those who like the subject since specialized magazines and websites are overflowing with suggestions for ample rooms. But that does not mean you have to leave your decorations aside, do you?

We already did a post last week with 80 Inspirations for small kitchens, and we’ve also talked about Decorating for Couples. In this post we decided to talk about decoration for rooms, specifically, the Decoration of Small Rooms, showing simple, easy and cheap alternatives to apply, you just need to know that they exist and this we will do here! 🙂

It is possible to have a small room as stylish as the ones we see in magazines. And it does not matter if we are talking about single, child or double room. If your mission is to decorate a small room but is in doubt about how to do it, we have a beautiful suggestion: Read this post until the end. You will love!


1 – Invest in Light Colors

small rooms decoration

The use of light colors on walls and large furniture is one of the key tricks for those who need to decorate small environments. The reasoning should be applied to the bedroom for two reasons: firstly because the use of lighter tones offer a sense of amplitude, which prevents the person from feeling ‘choked’ on the spot; second by the bedroom being a resting place, and its colors have a reassuring effect on who will use the room. And for this purpose to be amplified, it is important to use it also for the ceiling. So with floor, wall, and ceiling in the same color or in close tones, you have the feeling of breadth and continuity.

The best indication for using light colors in small room decor is to invest in shades such as white, ice and beige for walls and ceiling, but there is a good palette of neutral colors that the more creative ones can play with. If you wanted to invest in stronger tones, the best option is to use them in pillows and bedding, as well as other decorations. That is: if you get sick of them, you can change them without major problems. Color furniture with more contrast is also a good choice, but try to choose so that the tones blend with the room décor so that the mixture is not tiring.

Another idea: if the intention is to give the feeling of a greater depth to the room it is worth painting a wall of a different tone or applying wallpaper on the spot, with vertical striped patterns being the best options, and the use of larger or more discreet as to the choice of other items. Whether it’s your choice of paint or paper, the bed wall is the right place to use the trick.

In this regard we are talking about something very versatile, that is suitable for all types of decoration of small rooms, regardless of whether it is double rooms, singles or children. In particular, it’s a tip that, in the long run, is a cheap investment, so think fondly.


2 – Mirrors enlarge the space

mirrors in bed

The use of mirrors is one of the oldest tactics and also the most efficient when decorating a small room. This is because it generates amplitude in the room. And a good way to apply this trick is precisely by using mirrored furniture. The wardrobe with mirrored doors is the most popular mode, while the use of other smaller furniture is on account of who is not very fan of the large mirrors. Otherwise, mirrors on the bed are also a good idea.

To follow this tip is worth paying attention to avoid excesses, since the use of mirrors without criterion in the environment may end up leaving the intended function aside.

It is also worth remembering that this is not a good idea to be followed in children’s rooms since this can result in minor accidents.

3 – Functional furniture in the decoration of small rooms

Speaking of decorating small rooms, we do not even need to say that it is necessary to select very well everything that will be in there, will not it? And because space will not allow the use of many furnitures, it is worth thinking about the use of furniture with more than one function, as well as planned. This means optimizing the space you have available, making your situation more practical and comfortable in the short, medium and long-term.

We are talking about furniture like a bed with chest or drawers, which can be used to put the bedding, for example. Or a drawer to be used as a TV table and also storing other objects. Planned pieces, especially for small rooms, are also good bets.

This type of furniture is especially useful in double rooms, since sharing the space with another person makes every possible space need to have its use well planned and every inch counts, but also for any small bedroom. Which brings us to the next question.


4 – Plan the space around the bed

small rooms

Since the bed is the main movable of the room, one must think of its placement as a starting point. And since we’re talking about a small room we need to think about every space we’ll have available, including around the bed. What is indicated is to have a space of at least 70 cm around you, which avoids accidents and bumps, besides promoting a greater sense of visual comfort.

Planning this space should be sacred, especially in simple and small double room decor, since both need to move around the room with the least possible inconvenience.


5 – Invest in sliding doors

In the case of a small room, opening the door can often reduce the space too much. This makes sliding doors a good solution for both the bedroom and the bedroom.

This requirement is even more important for furniture since it leaves the space less tight and also less prone to accidents like bumps. It seems silly at first glance, but it makes a lot of difference when we’re talking about a wardrobe, for example. This facilitates the organization, after all if the furniture is positioned in a place where it can not be completely opened, you can bet that the mess will be constant as well as the nuisance.

For the small double bedroom decoration this type of detail is an investment capable of providing comfort, so do not let this advice aside.


6 – Curtain length

Using curtains in the decoration of small rooms can make them appear larger. This is because it creates vertical lines in the environment, and to take advantage of this trick requires that the piece has a good length, starting from the ceiling and going to the floor. The final impression is that the window is larger as well as the room.

Incidentally, as far as the curtain is concerned, it may be of blind, fabric or material of your choice, as long as its appearance is not exaggerated, voluminous or drag on the floor. A good idea is to be lightweight and transparent to ensure satisfactory lighting.


7 – Use the wall space

When it comes to organizing a small space the last thing you need is to wrap this room with furniture. In this case, the use of niches, pendants, shelves, and walkways provide space savings and also style. You can put there, objects of practical use in your daily life as decoration pieces, this is at your discretion.

And of course, in addition to the organization, you can also use the space for paintings and murals, which leaves the environment much more personal.

The use of wall spaces is very useful especially for the small children’s room decor – due to the presence of toys, books and other objects that children love – and also to single rooms, since many tend to spend considerable time in the comfortable, using space not only to sleep but to study, watch TV, play video games and others.


8 – Use large objects to decorate

large objects in the bedroom

To decorate, the suggestion is to use large pieces in smaller quantity. This takes into account the appearance as a larger amount of small objects will make the room appear messy and uncomfortable. However, the use of fewer decorative objects and larger size will make it look beautiful and organized. This is the case with pictures and vases, for example.

This tactic is very good for the decoration of a small female room, and also of masculine. For children’s rooms, this may not be the most suitable tactic for the risk of accidents, although the use of pictures and posters is a way to get around the pranks of the children.


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