Design Trends of 2017

Design Trends of 2017

A house doesn’t become a home until you put your personality into it. Whether it be designing a new kitchen that fits your needs and wants or a brand new couch that is the destination spot on rainy days- we can all agree that design is a huge part of any home. Today we are going to take a look at some design trends that were huge in 2017 and sure to keep going during 2018.

This year, the color of bright green became a staple in many homes. This vibrant color was used to open up small spaces and captivate the eye. It was used for the fact that it portrays freshness and revitalization by making a statement with its unforgiving beauty. Green is a trend we know will stick around long into the new year.

Pictures portraying unique views of city skylines and overlooks became a must-have home décor item. They have been used as a statement piece in modern living rooms and edgy kitchens. These canvases are larger than life and usually take up the majority of the wall from both top to bottom illustrations. We are going to see these creative captures being put on display throughout 2018.

We never thought we’d say it- but mixed patterns are definitely in! When we grew up thinking that our color and pattern scheme had to match, 2017 definitely threw a wrench in things! We see mixed patterns as being an eclectic way to mix up a room design and well as bringing in some old antiques in with the new design feel. A must-have for anything you are thinking of in 2018!

Faux finishes are something of the future. In a time where the world is focused on saving the nature around us- this design trend couldn’t have come at a better time! From faux marble countertops that are inlaid with the marble look that we often see in Arlington kitchen remodeling projects to the fake fur rugs that beg to be stepped on, we see this trend coming in and staying put. Keep this in mind for your next design idea trip!

We like it in our food, but what do you think about it in our designs? Texture has been huge this year, and we know it will only get bigger in the next coming one. Our hands crave different textures in a room, and that is what designers have taken to the top of the “I want “ list. From velvets to cotton- texture hasn’t slowed down, and we don’t think it ever will. It gives us something to relate to when we sit on a couch or run our hands across a rug. Be sure to think texture before you think anything else.

No matter what you are doing in your home- we believe these trends will help you in your search. As you browse the home goods stores and the painting places, make sure to look for trends and ideas that won’t go stale overnight and that will keep you coming back to a room over and over again.

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