Living room: how to organize in 10 steps!

Living room: how to organize in 10 steps!

Organize your living room in 10 steps: choose what and where each thing should be, and then celebrate the outcome with friends!

Want to make your living room beautiful and organized?

Then prepare for our step-by-step guide that will help you better understand your available space, what needs to be in your living room, what you would love it to have and how each piece of furniture can help you with this task.


Step by Step to Organize Your Living Room

organize living room


1- Does your living room have more than one room?

For example: Is there a TV in your living room or is it in a separate room? Do you have a nook or set of furniture that makes up a space to enjoy a fireplace, listen to music or read?

Understand this provision before proceeding. Note how this living room has several environments: Bar TV and even a corner to relax:


2- Is your living room integrated with other environments?

In some residences, the living room is integrated with the living room, the dining room and even with an American kitchen or even a bar.

This factor can totally change the way you organize your living room.


3 – Define what you really need to be in your living room

By this, we mean utensils and practical objects, not decorations, which we will deal with later

You can use the living room to store your books, CDs (there are people who still use …), magazines, stereo and TV, remote control, keys, umbrellas, fireplace utensils and even cutlery and towels. table, when the environments are integrated with the pantry or dining room.


4- Visualize everything that can be used to organize these elements

What furniture make up your living room and can help organize all these things?

Racks, drawers, shelves, coffee tables and side tables, shelves, consoles, sideboards etc.


5- Do you need to change some furniture?

With all these elements you need to organize in your living room, you might notice that changing a mobile may be necessary.

It is always better to swap than adding more furniture because too much furniture can leave your room tight.

If this is the case, think of dual-function furniture, such as a coffee table with drawers on the sides or a window-type glass top, increasing the area that can be used to support objects.

One tip for anyone who has many things to organize in the living room is to use shelves next to the ceiling as in this environment, see:


6- Time to put things in place

Start with what you need. Everything that is not beautiful and does not need to be in sight you should put in enclosed furniture, such as drawers and chests.

The others, on the shelves and the furniture, but taking care to choose cool things, like their bound books, for example, period magazines and useful and beautiful utensils, like glass ashtrays.

Next, organize your decorations, but always linking them to some functionality of the furniture that supports them. For example, it does not make sense to put chandeliers in the corner of the sound, but in the reading area or the fireplace, they can be more integrated.

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